Turn Your Kid's Messy Mop Into a Clean Cut with help from Paper Dollz Salon

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Taking your kid to the hair dresser isn't always easy. Haircuts can be frightening to younger children and boring to older ones. To make sure your youngster has a positive experience at their appointment, turn to Paper Dollz Salon. We have years of experience providing children's haircuts in the Amarillo, TX area. You can count on us to treat your child and their hair with the utmost care.

Contact Paper Dollz Salon now to learn more about our kid's haircuts. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Choose a hair salon that gives back

Choose a hair salon that gives back

Paper Dollz Salon is proud to be a part of the Amarillo, TX community. We work hard to support the families in our area at every opportunity. In addition to other community events, Paper Dollz Salon hosts a day of free children's haircuts for those in need.

Our free haircutting event is:

  • Held once a year at our hair salon
  • Free for any child up to age 12
  • Inclusive to all hair types, textures and lengths

Call today to ask about our free kid's haircuts in Amarillo, TX. This year, our event will be held on December 17.